Construction Law & Litigation

Construction Law & Litigation

Maryland Construction Law Attorneys

Legal issues are important in any building project. At the Prince Frederick, Maryland, law firm of Davis & Palumbo, LLC, our lawyers have many years of experience handling issues related to construction. Contact us at 410-535-1780 to learn how we can help with any commercial or residential construction law issue, from delays to mechanic’s liens.

Handling contracts and construction transactions

We undertake all types of legal matters related to construction contract transactions. Our lawyers negotiate, draft, audit and enforce contracts. We have extensive experience in negotiating and litigating AIA Contracts (American Institute of Architects). We also handle change orders, licensing and subcontractor agreements. We represent contractors, owners, architects, developers and subcontractors in contractual and related matters.

Construction litigation

We also have a thriving construction litigation practice, helping to resolve disputes such as those involving:

  • Construction delay claims
  • Quality of workmanship disputes
  • Quality of materials claims
  • Mechanics liens
  • Construction defect claims
  • Multiphase engineering and construction conflicts
  • Insurance and indemnification
  • Claims analysis
  • Warranty claims
Alternative dispute resolution

Most standard construction contracts require the parties to arbitrate or mediate disputes. We represent clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings throughout the United States. Even when the contract does not require an alternative dispute resolution method, it may be more cost-effective for clients to use these approaches to dispute resolution first.

Contact experienced lawyers for all construction law matters

For any legal matter arising from construction, whether a home remodeling project or a major commercial development, our lawyers can provide experienced and knowledgeable representation. Contact us at 410-535-1780 to learn more.