Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses

Southern Maryland Drug Charges Lawyers

Trafficking, Possession & Manufacture

The penalties for drug offenses can be very harsh. Both state and federal governments have been waging a war on drugs for many years. The results of this war can be seen in mandatory sentences, harsh penalties for even minor drug possession offenses and overcrowded prisons.

Do not become another statistic in the war on drugs

At the Calvert County, Maryland, law firm of Davis & Palumbo, LLC, located in the heart of Southern Maryland, our lawyers defend people against all types of drug charges. We use our years of experience and our dedication to our clients to secure the best possible outcome in every case. Whether it requires a jury trial or a plea bargain, your defense is very important to us. Contact our lawyers at 410-535-1780 to learn how we can help.

We know how the prosecution thinks

Among our lawyers is a former prosecutor who knows how the state approaches drug cases. We use that knowledge to analyze the evidence against our client in matters from minor drug possession to major drug distribution charges. This allows us to determine areas of weakness that can be used to improve the outcome.

How we fight drug charges

Prior cases handled by our firm include possession of illegal drug paraphernalia and drug possession with intent to distribute, felony distribution and drug offenses committed with a handgun. As in all criminal matters, our lawyers ensure that law enforcement acted correctly. We confirm that the chain of evidence was properly maintained and we use our understanding of the criminal justice system to negotiate the best possible plea bargain when a jury trial holds the risk of a very negative outcome.

Sentencing guidelines give the power to the prosecutor

We handle cases involving marijuana, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, PCP, prescription drug abuse and any other controlled dangerous substance (CDS). The continued existence of sentencing guidelines means that it is important to have an attorney who can negotiate the lowest possible charge with the prosecutor. Once you are convicted of a charge, the judge still has leeway in sentencing. Because of our knowledge of the criminal justice system, we know how to work within the system to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you have been charged with drug possession or any other offense, contact the lawyers who have the experience and knowledge to protect your rights and to mount an effective defense. Call Davis & Palumbo, LLC at 410-535-1780.