Protective Orders

Protective Orders

Maryland Protective Orders and Domestic Violence Attorneys

Needing a protective order against your spouse when there has been domestic violence is frightening. Having a family member serve you with a Protective Order can be life-altering. Whether you need a Protective Order to protect yourself or you have been served with a Protective Order, you need a lawyer to advise you about your options.

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If you are the victim of domestic violence (or Petitioner/Plaintiff)

The court may issue an interim or temporary protective order when there are allegations of spousal abuse, domestic violence or threats of abuse from any household member. Typically, there will be a final protective order hearing within seven days. At this hearing, a judge will hear the evidence and make a determination as to whether the protective order should be put in place for a year, with a six-month extension possible.

If you are accused of domestic violence (or Respondent/Defendant)

If you are accused of domestic violence and are the Defendant in a temporary protective order, it is critical to have experienced legal representation at the upcoming Final Protective Order hearing. A finding of domestic violence or domestic abuse could affect your job, your volunteer activities and any ongoing domestic actions.

Consequences of a protective order

If the judge awards a Final Protective Order, the Defendant may be unable to contact the victim or complainant by telephone or directly, may be unable to see the children unsupervised or visit the children’s school. He or she may be required to attend drug and alcohol treatment or anger management sessions. Any firearms must be surrendered. The judge may decide on issues such as support, custody and visitation. In some cases the issues resolved during a protective order hearing may be the basis for subsequent rulings in a divorce action.

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