Traffic / MVA Hearings

Traffic / MVA Hearings

Maryland Traffic Lawyers

Your Maryland driver’s license can be revoked or suspended for many reasons. The laws and regulations pertaining to drivers’ licenses can be confusing. Drivers may be surprised to find that they have violated the law and must surrender their license after receiving a traffic ticket.

At the Southern Maryland law firm of Davis & Palumbo, LLC, our lawyers help clients recover their drivers’ licenses. We also represent them in other matters at Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) hearings. Contact us at 410-535-1780 to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney.

We know the MVA point system

Our lawyers are dedicated to securing the best outcome possible in MVA and traffic ticket matters. We know that the effect of having your driver’s license suspended or revoked due to an accumulation of points or being referred to the Medical Advisory Board can be devastating. We have attained a thorough knowledge of the many rules and regulations after many years of serving clients in Southern Maryland.

We attend administrative hearings on your behalf

In addition to knowing the laws that regulate the operation of a motor vehicle, our lawyers understand the hearings that drivers can request to resolve problems with the MVA. We represent clients at hearings in matters such as:

  • Violation of interlock devices after conviction for a drunk driving
  • Violation of license restrictions such as those on probationary drivers, newly licensed drivers or work-only drivers
  • Accumulated points
  • Revoked or suspended license because of DUI/DWI
  • Referrals to the Medical Advisory Board
Traffic tickets count

You can accumulate points, and sometimes a criminal charge, for leaving the scene of an accident, refusing to identify yourself to police officers, speeding, following too closely, failing to follow traffic signs and many other infractions, violations or offenses. If such offenses are committed when driving a commercial vehicle, additional penalties may occur that threaten your ability to earn a living. It is important to have knowledgeable legal advice so that you can minimize the points added to your driver’s license record and stay on the road.

We work to help you recover or retain your license

If you are concerned about the points on your license from traffic tickets or have been charged with a DUI/DWI, contact our Calvert County law firm. We can help you navigate the MVA process needed to resolve issues around your license and help you recover your license after suspension or revocation. Call Davis & Palumbo, LLC at 410-535-1780.